Sunday, 2 October 2011

About: Deleting Digimon

Hello readers.
Just a small post for now, that a lot of people have been asking about.
How to delete Digimon.
So how do we go about doing this?
Well here's a simple, followable guide for you all:

  1. Have the Digimon you want to delete with you in your Digivice.
  2. Open up the character menu, and go to the Digivice section.
  3. Now, put your mouse over the Digimon you want to delete and Right-Click them.
  4. You should get a few options, and one of them should be delete.
  5. Accept and the Digimon is now deleted!
That's all for now!

About: Attributes and Elements

Hello readers.
In all the Digimon games, there are 3 Attributes in the entire world.
Vaccine (Va), Data (Da) and Virus (Vi).
Normally, the pattern of what is effective against what goes:

  • Vaccine (Va) < Data (Da) < Virus (Vi) < Vaccine (Va)
though in Digimon Masters Online, there are a total of 5 Attributes.
Vaccine (Va), Data (Da), Virus (Vi), Neutral (Nu) and Unidentified (Un).
These last two are special Attributes, as Neutral is ineffective to all Attributes, while Unidentified is effective against all Attributes.
Here's a chart so you can understand it better:

  • Vaccine (Va)  >Virus           (Va)
                         < Data           (Da)
                         - Vaccine       (Va)
                         - Neutral        (Nu)
                         - Unidentified (Un)
  • Data (Da)       >Vaccine       (Va)
                         < Virus          (Vi)
                         - Data            (Da)
                         - Neutral        (Nu)
                         - Unidentified (Un)
  • Virus (Vi)       >Data            (Da)
                         < Vaccine      (Va)
                         - Virus           (Vi)
                         - Neutral        (Nu)
                         - Unidentified (Un)
  • Neutral           - Virus           (Va)
                         - Data            (Da)
                         - Vaccine       (Va)
                         - Neutral        (Nu)
                         - Unidentified (Un)
  • Unidentified    >Virus           (Va)
                         > Data           (Da)
                         > Vaccine       (Va)
                         > Neutral        (Nu)
                         > Unidentified (Un)
And then there are also Elements.
Each Digimon has an Element, such as Dragon, Water or Fire.
There are quite a few Elements in Digimon Masters Online.
And even they have some that are effective against each other
Here's a chart of how they work against each other:
  • Fire < Water < Ice < Fire
  • Wind < Earth < Wood < Wind
  • Iron < Thunder < Darkness < Light < Iron
That's all for now!

About: Skills and Skill Points.

Hello readers.
So, while some of you have been leveling up, you are sometimes gaining Skill Levels.
You gain Skill Levels by raising your Skill experience.
You raise your Skill experience by using Skills in battle.
So, what are skills, and how do I get them?
Well you see, skills are special attacks that require a specific amount of Digimon DigiSoul.
Digimon DigiSoul, works like the tamers DigiSoul, except it's used for skills and not evolution.
And with every stage of evolution, you have your first skill always unlocked.
Though there is also a second skill you can unlock.
And for that skill, you need to get your partner Digimon to certain levels.
Those levels are:
  • Rookie      - Level 6*
  • Champion - Level 16
  • Ultimate    - Level 31
  • Mega        - Level 46**
Though, while you use your skills and gain skill levels, you also obtain skill points.
And each attack can be upgraded, up to 8 times with these skill points.
Upgrading your attacks, increase the damage they deal.
For your first skill, it requires 2 points each time to upgrade, while your second skill requires 3 points.
There are a total of 15 skill levels.
And with that, a total of 27 skill points.
You gain skill points in a specific pattern.
That pattern is:
  • 2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>2>1>6.
So that means there are a few ways you can level up your skills:
  1. Level up Skill 1 to max and Skill 2 to 3/8
  2. Level up Skill 2 to max and Skill 1 to 1/8
  3. Just do a variety and balance it out.
Though some Digimon, gain more then 1 skill when they get to their specific level to gain their second skill.
So you'll just have to find out ways to either keep the balance, or just plow all your points into one skill and make it super powerful!
Also, each Digimon has it's own Skill Level and Skill Points, so you'll have to use each one until they get to Skill Level MAX.
And in party's you all get your own Skill Points and it isn't shared.

*Gaomon gets a total of three skills
**Some Mega level Digimon gain their second skill at level 43 and then a thrid at level 46. MetalEtemon though gets a total of 4 skills.

That's all for now!

About: Digivolution

Hello readers.
So, some of the new players may wonder, "At what level do I become Champion/Ultimate/Mega?"
Well this post will clear that all up for you!
So, when you first get your Starter Digimon, it'll be at level 1, and is known as a Rookie level digimon.
To increase that level you need to either complete Quests, or fight other Digimon.
When your partner Digimon gets to level 11, it'll gain the ability to digivolve to the Champion stage.
Though, it costs a specific amount of DigiSoul, to evolve to the Champion stage.
Then, when you go back, to either completing Quests or training, your partner Digimon will arrive at level 25.
And now, it's time to receive, the evolution to the Ultimate stage.
Ultimate, is pretty much just a way stronger version of Champion, except it requires more DigiSoul to evolve into.
And, from Ultimate, we resume our training, and we shall arrive at level  41.
The Mega Stage is now available.
Mega, is the strongest stage out of all the other digivolution for your Digimon.
Though being the strongest doesn't mean it's easier to evolve into.
Actually, it's pretty hard to evolve straight from Rookie to Mega.
Though, should you evolve into Champion, then to Ultimate, the cost for evolving into Ultimate, is halved.
And the same with Mega if you evolve from Ultimate to Mega.
But that's just the basic things you need to know about evolution.
There is also a maintaining cost.
And that is, for Champion, it costs 4 DigiSoul points every 5 seconds to maintain the form.
For Ultimate, 8 DigiSoul points every 5 seconds.
And for Mega, 12 DigiSoul points every 5 seconds.
So you can see, that unless you brought items with you to restore your DigiSoul constantly, you'd need to be at a pretty high level to maintain your Mega stage without recovering your DigiSoul.
Though, for certain Digimon, there is also a stage after Mega.
For your starter Digimon, Agumon (2006), Gaomon, and Lalamon, this is known as a Burst Mode.
And that form, is the strongest out of all your digivolutions.
Even Mega!
You can only get it by Getting your partner Digimon to level 65, and unlocking the Burst Mode quest.
After completing that quest, you obtain your partner Digimon's signature item.
And with that item, and a few Accelerators, and your partner Digimon at level 71, you can obtain the true Burst Mode!
Though it costs 16 DigiSoul points per 5 seconds, so it's even harder to maintain.*
And even some regular Mercenary Digimon have an extra evolution.
Though, they require you to get them to level 71, then buy an item from the ingame CashShop, or from other players that have the item.**
And you just do the same for your other Mercenary Digimon too!
So there you have it.

*Some Digimon like Gallantmon Crimson Mode and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode require 40 DigiSoul per 5 seconds.
**Beelzemon can evolve to Beelzemon Blast Mode at level 65 so long you have to Toy Gun Item (Beelzemon Signature Item)

That's all for now!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

About: How to make Guilds

Hello readers.
So, some of you may wonder, "how do I make a guild in this game?"
Well in this post I'll be filling you in on that!
First of all, you'll need 100M.
Then, you have to go to the DATS Centre and talk to Director Hashima.
You'll see he has two options, 'Create a Guild" and "Shop".
For now, we want to buy an item.
And the only item he has, that we want, is called a 'Guild Permit', and to sum it up at best, it allows us to make a Guild.
So after we buy it we talk again to Director Hashima, but this time we're clicking "Create a Guild".
Enter all your Guild's details and we're done!

That's all for now!

About: Evolutors and Accelerators

Hello readers.
When hatching Digimon, most of the time you'll get a 'champion' or 'ultimate' egg.
What this means is that anything past that level is locked and cannot be used.
However there is an item which unlocks the further forms which is called an "Evolutor" which can be obtained by  trading Digicores or buying from the Cash Shop (Or the currently going OBT event).
Each form takes a specific amount of Evolutors to unlock.

Accelerators however are used for Digimon's forms beyond mega which includes burst modes.
Digimon like Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon learn their Burst Mode through a quest at level 65, while mercanary Digimon can learn their extra evolutions without a quest at level 65 but will require a 'special' item that can be found normally in the Cash Shop.
Accelerators can be accuired through the Digicore shop as well.
Digimon must be at level 71 to evolve to their extra stage.*
Digimon can only evolve into their extra stage when they are in their Mega form.

*This does not include Imperialdramon Fighter Mode as he is obtained at level 55.

That's all for now!

About: Coloured Boarder Items

Hello readers.
So, some of you are probably wondering why your DigiEgg's have different coloured boarders.
Well this post shall explain that.
You see, your DigiEgg's have a coloured boarder around their image.
There are 3 types of coloured boarders, Plain, Green, and Blue.
Each one is a different rank, Normal, Magic, and Rare.
With DigiEggs, the different Colours have 2 ranks inside them too.
Each rank inside those coloured boarders contains different items.
Here is a list:

Plain//Low Class

  • Contains Minor Consumables like food and healing items in general.
Green/Low Class

  • Contains DATA of the respective type of DigiEgg you hatched it from.
Green/High Class

  • Contains items such as clothing, DataChips, Equipment Boosters, and other rare items.
Blue/High Class

  • Contain either Digicores, DATA Chips, or other very rare items.
That's all for now!