Saturday, 1 October 2011

About: Chipsets and Equipment Merging

Hello readers.
In Digimon Masters Online, your character can have clothes equipped to them, for both stat boosters, and to look different.
Clothes can be either brought from clothes shops or scanned from DATA Eggs.
There are also costumes which overrule all clothes and give your character a design that can't be changed even if you change the clothes they are wearing.
Some of the categories of clothes include: Jacket, Gloves, Pants, Shoes, Glasses/Headphones.
There are special items called Chipsets that can drop from fallen enemies which increase the stats of the: Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Shoes and Headgear.
These items come in classes of A, B and C.


  • Rank A - 10-20 HP Boost.
  • Rank B - 30-40 HP Boost
  • Rank C - 50-60 HP Boost

  • Rank A - 5-10   Attack Boost
  • Rank B - 15-20 Attack Boost
  • Rank C - 25-30 Attack Boost

  • Rank A - 5-10   Defence Boost
  • Rank B - 15-20 Defence Boost
  • Rank C - 25-30 Defence Boost

  • Rank A - 1%-2% Speed Boost
  • Rank B - 3%-4% Speed Boost
  • Rank C - 5%-6% Speed Boost

  • Rank A - 10-20 DigiSoul Boost.
  • Rank B - 30-40 DigiSoul Boost
  • Rank C - 50-60 DigiSoul Boost

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